Arc Minerals Limited acquired a 75% interest in Alvis-Crest (Proprietary) Limited, the holder of two prospecting licences (PL 135/2017 & PL 162/2017) in Botswana's Kalahari Copper Belt (“KCB”), colloquially called the Virgo Project/Licences. The Virgo project is located in a emerging copper district in the Kalahari district in close proximity of some larger discoveries and cover an area of over 210km2. The Virgo licenses lie within (PL 165/2017) and adjacent (PL 135/2017) to the highly prospective Central Structural Corridor and within 10km and 50km of the Zone 5 and Banana Zone copper projects respectively, known as the two largest copper projects on the KCB.

Historically, two copper-nickel soil anomalies have already been recorded on PL 135/2017 and PL 162/2017 and are approximately 3km and 2.5km in strike length respectively. The largest of the two anomalies, located on PL 135/2017, overlays an interpreted DKF-NPF contact, while a second more intermittent anomaly may be linked to extensional faulting around the dome edge. The large coherent anomaly on PL 162/2017, also appears to overlay the interpreted DKF-NPF contact on the northern limb of a syncline.

Location: Botswana

Areas under license: Exploration Licence PL135/2017 (142.89 km2); Exploration Licence PL162/2017 (72.6km2).


Commodity/ies:Cu Ag

Stage: Exploration