Arc Minerals Limited has a 75% interest in Alvis-Crest (Proprietary) Limited, the holder of two prospecting licences (PL 135/2017 & PL 162/2017) in Botswana's Kalahari Copper Belt (“KCB”), colloquially called the Virgo Project/Licences. The Virgo project is located in an emerging copper district in the Kalahari district in close proximity of some larger discoveries and cover an area of over 210km2. The Virgo licenses lie within (PL 165/2017) and adjacent (PL 135/2017) to the highly prospective Central Structural Corridor and within 10km and 50km of the Zone 5 and Banana Zone copper projects respectively, known as the two largest copper projects on the KCB.Historically, two copper-nickel soil anomalies have already been recorded on PL 135/2017 and PL 162/2017 and are approximately 3km and 2.5km in strike length respectively. The largest of the two anomalies, located on PL 135/2017, overlays an interpreted DKF-NPF contact, while a second more intermittent anomaly may be linked to extensional faulting around the dome edge. The large coherent anomaly on PL 162/2017, also appears to overlay the interpreted DKF-NPF contact on the northern limb of a syncline.

Location: Botswana

Areas under license: Exploration Licence PL135/2017 (142.89 km2); Exploration Licence PL162/2017 (72.6km2).

Interest: 75% Controlling interest

Commodity/ies: Copper and Silver

Stage: Exploration